A Quick Guide to Buy Prescription Medicine Online

Today there are multiple online portals that let you buy prescription medicines online that too without actually submitting or showing your prescription. On the other hand there are also online medical stores that don’t let you buy medicines without a prescription.

In this, it is quite natural to get into a dilemma whether we should purchase online medicine or not. Well, if you are going through the same dilemma then here you will get to know about the best tips that will help not just help you to get the right medicine but you can also save lots of money using our tips. So are you ready?

Before going further know some bitter truth about the medical industry.

How Pharmacy Companies Are Making Huge Money?

Everyone wants to increase their wealth and pharmacy companies are not an exception. In this, what will be your reaction when you come to know that pharmaceutical companies are putting some extra efforts to charge you five to ten times more just to fill their pockets.

Yes, it is a harsh truth that most of you might not aware of. Now, what pharmacy companies do is simply push doctors and hospitals to recommend their medicines and for this they simply pay a hefty amount to commission.

Now it is not like that the medicine will have some bad effects. They definitely help you to cure you but the quick fact is you can get cured by spending less money. Yes, you read it right. To understand it you need to know the difference between branded and generic medications.

Branded vs Generic Medicine

Pharmacy companies are making branded drugs for the sole marketing and sales purpose. Brand drugs are quite expensive and can’t be afforded by everyone.

On the other side generic drugs are the exact copy of branded drugs that have the exactly same dosage, side effects, risks, strength, intended use, route of administration, effects as the branded drug. Generic drugs are cheap and affordable.

Reason for Going With Branded Drugs?

The reason is quite simple that is money. As you’ve just discovered that generic drugs give the same effect still here psychology plays an important role.

Say you or any of your loved one is suffering from any critical disease and doctor suggested some medicines, now without worrying about the price you will simply consider buying medicine then no matter you have to borrow or sell your belongings.

You can’t even think of going to another doctor or looking for the prescribed medicine alternate. Well, this is the power of doctor’s words and pharmacy companies are smartly encasing it.

Should You Ignore Doctor Prescription?

A big No from our side. If you ignore your doctor’s prescription and start going with any random medicine then know that you will make your condition even worse.

Here you need to do little research from your side so you can find out the best thing for you. Your doctor will never recommend your wrong medicine. You need to follow your doctor’s prescription without any excuse.

Now when it comes to going with generic medicines then you can clearly ask your doctor about it. Apart from that, we strongly recommend not to pick any generic version just because any article or website said so.

How to Buy Generic Drugs Smartly?

First of all, you are required to get a prescription from your doctor. Please don’t ignore it and consider it a warning. Most probably your doctor may prescribe you the branded drug. Well, in that case ask your doctor clearly if there is any generic version is available.

Most of the time your doctor will simply suggest the generic version and if there is no generic version available then your doctor will let you know. If you are not satisfied with the answer then feel free to ask in any medical store or simply search for the generic availability of the prescribed drug. If you found any then you can consider consulting another doctor.

Know that there are two ways to get your generic medicine. The first is a local store and the second is online medical stores. Your local medical store definitely charges you some extra and to save this extra amount you can switch to an online medical store.

Things to Know Before You Buy Drugs From Online Store

Make a note that there are ample of online medical store that let you buy generic drugs with or without prescription. So it is important for you to pick the right resource so you won’t feel cheated at the end. So here are the tips you need to follow.

  • Start With Smaller Quantity

To know about the particular portal it is always a good idea to start with a smaller quantity. When you start exploring you will notice that many online medical stores give you a huge discount. Well, here you need to be very careful because it might be a trap.

We simply recommend you to go with a small quantity without falling for a bigger discount. Once you get your drugs you can easily find out whether the particular store is authentically selling drugs or not.

  • Compare Price

You need to always compare the price. This habit will always make sure that you will get the best deal without any worries.

Here you need to keep in mind that you should only compare the prices from the sites you trust already. You should generally ignore the websites you don’t know about.

Online Reviews

Most of the online medical stores definitely have a social media presence. You need to take leverage of it by checking the online reviews.

Online reviews will help you to know about the particular service in detail. For instance their ratings will help you to find out whether you should buy drugs from a particular store or not.

So these are the quick tips from our side. If you have any suggestions that you think must be here or have any questions then feel free to let us know in the below comment section.

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