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My Free Prescription is a resourceful guide that we made intending to provide free prescriptions to people who can’t afford expert fees. We deliver all the tips or prescription hereafter cross-checking various things so you can trust and use the tips without yourself giving a second thought.

We have a full-fledged team of experts who explore the internet to offer you the best working tips. By offering such type of content we understand our responsibility. As all the prescription and medical advice given on our website are directly associated with your health we strongly advise you to take consultation from your doctor if you have a doubt about anything.

We can understand how difficult it for someone to invest in regular and basic things. By saying this we are not encouraging you not to spend on your health things. If you can afford then you must be concerned about your health and go for regular health checkups.

Here at My Free Prescription, we try to share the general tips that help the masses. Now as you know that everyone’s body type is different in terms of age, metabolism, existing disease and much more. In this, we strongly recommend not to follow any of remedy blindly. We are not trying to threaten you but the good part is our most prescriptions are completely safe for everyone. The ones that require specific attention we mention along with the article, so it is highly advised that you should read all the parts before applying anything. So just in case if there is any warning associated with the remedy, tip, or prescription then you know in advance.

In the end, we just want to say that we can also make mistakes. If you find any resources that you think are wrong then we encourage you to reach us using our contact us page as soon as possible. Apart from that, if you have any advice for us that help us to grow as an authentic portal or you have any queries or suggestions for us then feel free to let us know as we welcome all kind of your suggestions and tips. Have a nice day! Keep Exploring!

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