List of Foods to Stay Away From When Trying To Lose Weight

Putting on weight is quite easy but when it comes to losing it then one should go through many struggles. Here we specifically talk about the list of foods that you would love to stay away from when you are trying to lose weight. The prime reason why we pick this topic because you know what exercise or routine you should follow to lose weight but it is unclear to most of the people that what should they avoid to get most of their hard work. So here is the list of food that you need to avoid.

Working Hard to Lose Weight? Avoid These Foods



You obviously know about it but still, we recommend you to continue reading about instead of skipping this point. You may specially consider reading it just in case you still feel crave about pizza and have it in your cheat days.

Pizza is one of the most popular fast food but at the same time, it is one of the most unhealthy fast foods too especially the ones that are being sold commercially.

Pizzas are quite high in calories and often consist of lots of unhealthy ingredients like processed meat and highly refined flour.

If you want to eat pizza on your cheat days then simply prefer making it yourself obviously with healthy ingredients. Apart from making pizza for yourself we also recommend you make pizza sauce, as the one available in the market high in sugar.

If you don’t want to make pizza at your home then alternatively you can research places that offer healthier pizzas.

Specific Types of Alcohol Especially Beer


You might not believe but alcohol can offer more calories over protein and carbs. Talking about numbers then it is 7 calories per gram. Though, there is no available evidence that claims that alcohol is responsible for weight gain.

Opposite of it, some see it as a helpful resource to lose weight. Don’t feel confused, if you take it in a small quantity then it will help you to reduce weight but if you take it in larger quality then it will definitely increase your weight.

Apart from that, what type of alcohol you are taking highly affects your body weight for instance, drinking beer leads to weight gain and drinking wine helps you to keep your body weight ideal.

Fruit Juices


Juices are healthy and one should drink on a regular basis, right? Hold on, if you are drinking fruit juice regularly then you should be very specific. You need to avoid some fruit juices when you are working hard to lose weight.

Going natural is the best way. If you are consuming fruit juice that you generally buy from the supermarket then make a note that it might be one of the biggest reasons why you are not getting satisfying results.

Fruit juices available in supermarkets generally consist of sugar and are highly processed and loaded with sugar. You might feel shocked to know that these so-called fruit juices consist of sugar and calories equal to soda.

After reading this you might consider having natural fruit juice. In this, let us tell you that still, it is not a good option because fruit juice missing the fiber. It simply means that you will not get the same effect when you choose to drink a full glass of orange juice over having orange as a whole. We simply recommend you avoid drinking any juice and prefer eating the whole fruit instead.

White Bread


It is one of the most common breakfast and if you are taking it then you may consider avoiding having it when you are trying to lose weight.

White bread is made up of white flour that is generally has a bad reputation among the health community. It contains lots of added sugar and is generally highly refined.

The other worst part it white bread is high on the glycemic index and having it can boost your blood sugar levels.

According to a study if you eat two slices of white bread (120 grams) regularly then it will increase 40% of your chance to obesity and increase weight.

Fortunately, you don’t have to depend on it as there are many alternatives available for instance brown bread. However, keep in mind that most of the bread available in the market do contain gluten.

You can give a try to options like cornbread, almond flour bread, oopsie bread and more. Let us know in the comment section whether you want a separate article on the types of healthier bread.

Bakery Items


Some people just can’t resist themselves having baking items for instance cakes, pastries, and cookies. If you are one of them then let us give you a solid reason to stay away from them. All bakery items are rich in unhealthy ingredients like refined flour and added sugar.

Apart from that, they may also high in artificial trans fats that affect your body very badly and can act as root to develop any big disease.

Cakes, pastries, and cookies are giving you temporary satisfaction that you are full. After a while, you feel hungry again. Knowing this fact most of the people trying to have them in larger quantities.

In this, you obviously don’t want to know the side effects of eating these low-nutrient and high-calorie foods.

If you are feeling a craving for having something sweet then feel free to give a try to dark chocolate instead.

Is there any other food that you are feeling confused about?

If yes, then feel free to let us know in the comment section. Apart from that, let us know if you know any food that is missing in our list of foods to stay away from when trying to lose weight.

Meanwhile, if you are reading this then we assume that you like our article. If yes, then we request you to share this information with your friends and family or especially to someone who actually needs to know the above foods.

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