Foods That You Should Eat To Fight Period Cramps Pain

Struggling with cramps pain is one of the worst things. Most of the girls try to live with the pain by considering it natural. Well, it is natural but it really doesn’t mean that you can’t manage your pain.
And no doubt you’ve obviously tried multiple methods especially if you are working. Here we are giving some foods list that you would love to consider adding in your routine diet.
Don’t worry here we are not giving some exotic foods you can find them all in your kitchen easily, all you need to do is start eating them seriously.
Moreover, the best part about below foods is; apart from helping you with fight period cramps, they help you to add multiple nutrients to your body that without any doubt keep you energize all day. So are you ready to explore the names of the food?

Best Foods to Fight Period Cramps Pain

Dark Chocolate

It is always a good idea to keep a bar of dark chocolate along with you and we bet most of you surely know why we are saying it. If you already know that eating dark chocolate helps you in calming down the period cramp then know how it helps.
Know that dark chocolate contains fiber, magnesium, and nutrition. Now as we just above said that most of you already know about dark chocolate benefits in period cramp but somehow if you are not getting any calming effect after eating dark chocolate then the reason could be something else.
To get most from the dark chocolate during the period cramp you need to make sure that the dark chocolate you are eating should have a greater amount of cocoa content.
The more cocoa is always better. Try to find a dark chocolate brand that offers more than 85% cocoa in their chocolates for best results.


Ginger is one of the foods that you can simply find in your kitchen effortlessly. No need to say how much benefits single ginger can give to your body.
Ginger is one of the most famous foods that is used in treating multiple health problems.
As you are here only to get rid of your period cramps know that ginger is must have food for you that you need to start having in your meal just like from right now.
Ginger is one of the most effective stomach soothers and it helps you really well when you are feeling nauseous.
Apart from that, ginger is quite helpful in as and bloating. Want more? Taking ginger in any form will help you in relieving nausea.


Let’s face the truth. Many of us are already aware of the benefits of oats but the thing is we generally avoid having it in our breakfast, right?
If you don’t like the taste of oats then it is high time to take it without worrying about your taste buds. Oats come with many health benefits apart from helping you with managing period cramps.
If you face period cramps in the morning then oats breakfast is something, you need to start up your day with. There are many healthy ways that can help you to add deliciousness to your boring oats.
Oats packed with many nutrition and you can have in any form like in a cookie or homemade granola. It helps you to ease period cramps from the time you wake up.
It helps you with fight period cramps as they are full of fiber and because of it, you are feeling full for a longer duration.
Moreover, oats are quite a good source of magnesium and zinc. Magnesium helps in regulating serotonin, a chemical in the brain that primarily helps you in fighting with depression.
Apart from that, magnesium also relaxes blood vessels that condition plays an important role in how you feel during period cramps.

Vitamin B6 Rich Foods

Adding vitamin B6 rich foods in your diet surely helps you in managing your period cramps. The foods you can have are bananas, kiwi, and pineapples. All of these are high in vitamin B6.
Let’s talk about them separately. Bananas are high in potassium apart from vitamin B6. Potassium helps you in managing cramping and bloating symptoms.
Pineapples are a greater source of bromelain and vitamin B6. Bromelain is a special enzyme that helps you in fighting inflammation.
You can have some chunks of pineapple in your smoothie and enjoy your drink. Alternatively, just eat it just the way you like the most.
Coming to kiwi then it is a fruit that is named when you have low platelets. If you know this fruit that way then know that kiwi has other benefits too.
Having a bowl of kiwi helps you in fighting period cramps effectively. Kiwi is rich in enzyme actinide that helps in digesting protein effortlessly.
Apart from that, kiwis are rich in fiber that helps you to avoid constipation situation when you are on top of your cramping.


Fish is often recommended as it is one of the greatest sources for good fat and omega 3s. Among all fishes we recommend you to eat salmon especially when you want to get rid of your period cramps.
This fatty fish is known to alleviate cramps along with breast tenderness. You can consider eating salmon or any other cold-water fish alternatively just in case salmon is not available.
Such cold water fishes are high in healthy fatty acids that we all know as omega-3s. Omega 3s is one of the most vital things that help in reducing inflammation.
Having salmon in the regular diet ensures that you will not go through any routine pain that includes the pain of menstrual cramps.
Want to know more about salmon? Well, apart from a health and rich source of protein, you can consider eating salmon to fulfilling your vitamin B6 and vitamin D requirements in your body.
Having enough vitamin D ensures that you absorb the calcium effortlessly that becomes more important at the time of periods. It helps your body to make your period pain more manageable.
Coming to vitamin B6 then it along with breast tenderness helping you with an irritability that is one of the most common symptoms when you are going through extremely painful cramps.

Peanut Butter

If you are out of dark chocolates then you can simply give a try to peanut butter. The best thing is peanut butter is more effective in comparison to dark chocolate during your periods.
Peanut butter is the greatest source of magnesium that primarily helps you in regulating serotonin. Apart from that, serotonin also helps in preventing bloating.
You will get an additional benefit if you stick around low salt or unsalted varieties. If you like dark chocolate and peanut butter then here is a chance for you to enjoy both them without any problem.

Chamomile Tea

Tea is one-stop solution for many. If you are one of them then we don’t feel too surprising. In this, we can simply guess that your day can’t start without a cup of tea, right?
Well, if you are a tea person and at the same time want to get rid of your period cramps then we would like to recommend you to drink tea but chamomile tea.
Yes, you read it right. Instead of regular milk tea, switch to chamomile tea to get multiple benefits. Chamomile is not just delicious but is caffeine-free too and greatly helps you in reducing muscle spasms.
Another big benefit is it helps you to calm down that is quite necessary in your periods as you may get irritated frequently multiple times in a day.


If you are a gym person then the egg can be your primary diet but if you are eating egg occasionally then you need to add eggs to your routine without giving yourself a second thought.
You would love to know that eggs are the prime source of vitamin D, B6, and E that helps your body to fight against the symptoms of PMS. Apart from that, eggs are a rich source of protein that gives you an added nutritional bonus.

Calcium-Rich Foods

According to experts, calcium can effectively help you in reducing cramps pain. If you are lactose intolerant then you can switch to many non-dairy sources that help you to get calcium.
You can add fresh dill, in your diet. Apart from that dark, leafy greens like collard greens, spinach and kale are some good examples that you can consider to add in your regular diet.


The last tip is just water? Yes, you all know the benefits of water but you might not able to get most of it even you are drinking plenty of water.
According to experts if you are feeling bloated then instead of avoiding drinking water it is always a good idea to get a sip of water as it prevents your body from holding water.
If you don’t drink water much then you need to add watery resources in your diet so you can fulfill your water requirements. Now coming about soothing your cramps then having warm or hot liquids is very useful. In this, instead of drinking warm water, you can give a try to hot chamomile tea that obviously helps you to get a double benefit.
We hope you find the list of foods helpful. If you find our article helpful then please share it with your friend who desperately looking for such a source. Apart from this, if you have any other ways that you are using to fight period cramps then feel free to share with us. We will be happy to add your suggestions in our article.

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