How to Boost Immunity Against COVID 19 At Home

Coronavirus has completely upside down our life. Today the situation is experts are recommending learn to live with coronavirus instead of hoping for the vaccine. World’s top scientist, doctors, and organizations are giving their best to work on vaccines. Well, all we can do is hoping for the best but meanwhile, what we suggest is work on your immunity.

Currently, strong immunity is what helps you to stay away from coronavirus. We are not saying that it will make you completely immune to coronavirus but it will increase your chances of survival.

Below we are naming some foods that we recommend you to add in your regular diet. Mentioned food will definitely boost your immunity and keep you safe from multiple diseases. So are you ready to explore?

Foods to Boost Immunity


When it comes to boosting immunity yogurt is always the first food that any expert will recommend you in the first place. Yogurt is primarily recommended because it is high in probiotics and this is exactly what that boosts the immune system.

Apart from probiotics yogurt gives a bit of zinc and vitamin A. We can understand most of you don’t like yogurt but if you start taking it as a medicine then you can ensure yourself that in some time your immunity will significantly grow and the best part is you can experience it yourself.

If you love yogurt then you definitely don’t care about the quantity you should eat per day but if you don’t like to eat then we recommend you to have 7 ounces daily. For the best health result, we recommend you to pick the box that contains less sugar.


Garlic is a great taste enhancer. It has a quite good respectable place, especially in Indian kitchens. You might unaware of the fact that apart from boosting the taste garlic is pretty good to boost immunity.

Garlic has an active ingredient allicin that is primarily fighting with bacteria and infection. Experts recommend having garlic extract or a placebo regularly. It will ensure that you will less likely to catch a cold.

According to research if you chew 6 cloves a week then you will have less chance to get colorectal cancer and your chance for having stomach cancer also come down to almost half.

We recommend you have one or two cloves per day. If you are worried about the bad breath then you can mask it by having mints, parsley, or mouthwash can also work better for you.

Chicken Soup

Who doesn’t love chicken soup? Obviously a non-vegetarian person, right? You can’t find a person who loves to eat non-vegetarian food but hates chicken soup.

You already know how beneficial is chicken soup but if you are taking it for pleasing your tasting buds then it is high time to take it regularly.

Chicken soup is very beneficial when you want to get rid of cold. Make a note that when chicken is cooked it releases amino acid cysteine that is a great immunity booster.

You might generally add lots of species and flavors to increase the flavor but we recommend you add the right amount of spices like garlic to get a double benefit from your chicken soup.


Tea lovers might feel surprised after getting tea in the list as an immunity booster. Well, it is quite normal because most of the time tea is considered as a drink that is addictive.

Before you plan to increase your cup of teas make a note that we are talking about black tea. Though we know you equally love black tea just like normal tea.

Tea contains amino acid and L-theanine that no needs to say responsible to boost the immune system. You can get the benefit of both by having green tea or black tea.

Talking about the dose then in comparison to normal tea you can enjoy black or green tea multiple times without worrying about any side effect. Still, we recommend you to have up to five times daily.


Eggs are a good source of vitamin D and great for strengthening the bones. Vitamin D is essential for your bones so that it can absorb the calcium properly. That is great but you are here for immunity, right? Well, if we are describing eggs in our list then no need to say that having egg will definitely boost your immunity.

Eggs can help you to stay away from immune disorders like type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and Crohn’s disease. All of these happen because of the deficiency of vitamin D.

Want to know the right dose? You can eat eggs according to your capacity. All you need to take care of is to eat the whole egg including whites. The bonus part is egg yolk contains selenium and zinc that promises extra immune to your body.

Make a note that adding above foods to your diet does not gives you a guarantee that you will not get caught with coronavirus. We are providing the foods with a purpose to help you in boosting your immunity.

We recommend you to share the above food list with your friends and family so that they can also boost their immunity. Now, if you think we are missing any food then feel free to name it below in the comment section.

Stay safe! Stay healthy!

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