What are the causes of uncomfortable sex after menopause?

Well as the change in your periods can occur and if in case these suddenly get stopped. Then it can be a reason that a lot of changes appear in the body of the person. And it can vary from body to body. As each female has different health and even different health issues. So into a nutshell of all the things the symptoms can reveal into the body of the female. Like hot flashes, change in the mood, face a lot of difficulty in sleeping, having the eight issues as sudden it tends to increase or decrease, and even a lot more.

Why sex seems to be painful?

If you feel that if you are doing sex and it becomes painful for you when you at the stage of menopause. Then it all feels just because the body lacking in producing the estrogen. And when the body stops producing the estrogen. Then it in turn also stops the building up of stimulants into the body that is responsible for the growth of new cells. And when you will reach the stage of menopause. Then the production of estrogen can also start lacking. This means that you are at that stage of your life when you are unable to have offspring.

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Along with this when the tissue that is present inside your vagina starts getting thickens and when you will do the sex it becomes painful to you. This is because the vagina does not produce the estrogen and gets lacks in it. That in turn has a sharp and burning sensation. That sometimes can also lead to bleeding or tear of the cover of the vaginal tissue when you will still do sex at that time.

How the problem of oral estrogen can occurs?

If in case you can start taking the oral pills so that you can generate the estrogen into your body. But I must be a note that when you will take the oral pills when you will reach the stage of menopause. Then it can lead to side effects into the body of the female. So must prescribe first. And then you can take it. And here we mention some of the side effects that arise into the body because of taking the oral pills. And these are mention here as in the following manner:

  1. The first and foremost problems that arise are all-time headaches.
  2. The breast becomes tender.
  3. Also leads to issues of weight gain in the continuous form.
  4. The other one is bleeding int the vagina.
  5. The problems of nausea.
  6. An also bloating.

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