Ways to Keep Your Heart Stronger and Healthier

Every organ and part of our body is important and today we will talk about the heart. Health is one of the most important organs in our body. It comes with the size of our fist but if you start counting its functions then you just want to give cheer to your heart.
Today heart diseases increase day by day and it becomes so common that people are actually ignoring heart health. If you are here then it simply means that you are worried about your heart health and want to make an effort to make your heart healthier and stronger.
Well, don’t worry we won’t disappoint you as here we have some quick and effective tips that will help you to boost your heart health. so are you ready to know them?

Top Tips to Make Your Heart Stronger

Don’t Stay Still in Office

At work, we generally prefer to sit as much as possible but somehow it is wrong.
If your work premises don’t restrict you much and don’t track all of your activities including how many times you go to fill your water bottle or something else then feel free to go for a brisk walk in specific intervals.
Here we are not encouraging you to cheat your work but if you follow our recommendation then you will be more productive.

Eat Vitamin K Rich Diet

You can get vitamin K majorly from leafy greens. If you have a deficiency of vitamin K then the calcium present in your body hardens in your arteries that can be further responsible for causing heart disease.
This is the reason why you can find many resources that recommend you to avoid taking calcium supplements as they simply increase the risk of stroke or heart attack by 20 to 30 percent.
To get vitamin K naturally we recommend you add brussels sprouts, spinach, broccoli, kale, and collard greens in your diet.

Track Your Mental Health

To get stronger and healthier health it is very important to take care of your mental health. Yes, you read it right. Your mental condition is associated with your health condition.
Especially if you are suffering from depression then it will increase the chances of a heart attack in the future. The reason behind this is feelings of isolation and sadness tax the heart, similarly like stress and anxiety.
If you are going through depression and feeling socially isolated then instead of ignoring your condition you need to talk to your healthcare provider and go through any medication or therapy session to manage your mental health condition.

Take Stairs

You definitely know that it is always recommended to take stairs instead of the elevator. Being human we have the habit of ignoring good recommendations and tips.
Well, if you really want to work on keeping your heart stronger then you need to add the habit of taking stairs in your routine. We know the elevator saves our time but at the same time it makes you lazy enough that you become totally dependent on it.
For your information, after the introduction of the elevator the number of heart attacks gradually increases, and no need to say that it is continuously growing.
If your office or home is located on the top floor then you can consider taking the elevator and stop it in mid. The rest of the distance you need to cover using stairs.

Annual Checkup

Consider going for an annual checkup for yourself and your family after every 6 months or year. Doctor’s highly advise having full body checkup but some of us generally ignore it by saying that it is just a doctor tactic to make money.
Well, if you thinking the same you are making a big mistake. Full body checkup ensures that you will control any disease on time.
If you wait for the disease to become big and then visit the doctor then no need to say that your chances of being recovered are too low.

Work on Your Endurance

Your endurance level can easily show how much strong is your heart. For instance, say you have to run 100 m in 3 sets then the time you are taking to run the next sprint is what that reflects your endurance level.
If you are ready for the next set in a lesser amount of time then your endurance level is good and vice-versa. You can’t boost your endurance in a few days of exercise or running.
You are required to push yourself by setting new short but achievable goals and no need to say that you will see the difference soon.

Avoid Oversleeping

You need to complete your sleep but just in case you are oversleeping then you are inviting heart disease. If you sleep more than 8 hours then you need to change your habit just like from today.
Though it is recommended that 7-8 hours of sleep in enough many recent studies claim that it can be less or more depending on various factors.
If you are feeling tired or wake up with less energy then you should see it as a sign of less or oversleep.
If you don’t want to go to an expert then you can consider following a test on yourself in which you need to sleep for the various duration. You need to stick with the in which you feel energized for a full day.

Avoid Drinking and Smoking

Drinking and smoking both can be dangerous for your heart especially if you take them in excessive amounts.
Contrary to popular belief alcohol is good for health but the condition is you need to take it in very less amount.
On the other side no matter how less you smoke it directly affects your heart condition.
Now, most of you might feel happy that they can drink alcohol but as it is addictive we strongly recommend you avoid it as much as possible especially if you can’t control your consumptions.

Cut Down Fat

If you are overweight then know that most of the heart problem is facing by people who are overweight. You need to take your overweight condition very seriously.
If you have fed up following all the ways that you found on the internet then instead of giving up consider hiring any personal trainer. If you really want to make your heart stronger then you need to cut down the extra fat from your body.
Losing weight is so effective that if you are able to lose 5 to 10% of your weight then your heart will significantly getting stronger.

Eat Fiber-Rich Food

If you avoid eating veggies then it is very important for you to complete your fiber intake from other resources. Apart from preventing constipation fiber is vital when it comes to maintaining gut flora.
Microbes present in our gut just love eating fiber. When our body lacks out fiber they starve to death and bad species of microbes that obviously not good for our health take over. It might be shocking for you but these bad microbes start eating your lining of the gut.
This particular situation leads to serious heart disease. Make a note that most of the veggies and fruits are rich in fiber. To improve your gut health you can consider eating one and a half to two cups of fruits regularly.
Apart from that you can also have two to three cups of veggies also. This is a diet that is recommended by Dietary Guidelines for Americans to boost the health of gut and health also.
Just reading the whole article will not help you until you decide to make your first step towards making your heart healthy. We strongly recommend you to share this article with everyone so they can easily understand the importance of their heart health. If you have any additional suggestions for us then let us know in the below comment section.

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