What Is The Most Effective Natural Sleep Aid?

If you are feeling trouble sleeping at night then make a note that your body is sending you a message that you are getting into a big problem. Not getting proper sleep is a sign of insomnia and you might also want to know how to cure insomnia. Well, today we are going to tell you about some most effective natural sleep aid that you would surely love to know. So are you ready?

Most Effective Natural Sleep Aid


If you have seen hop plans then know that its female version or types are called hops. Hops are primarily used to flavoring beverages, for instance, beer. It is also used as herbal medicine.

According to some studies hops are kind of the best thing when it comes to improving sleep.  Researchers asked some university students to drink nonalcoholic beer that has hops. This nonalcoholic beer simply boosted their quality of sleep.

For maximum benefit sometimes hops are blended with valerian like herbs. Talking about usage then we recommend you to drink 0.5 to 2 milliliters of hops liquid extract regularly.

Alternatively, you can also take 1 gram of hops powdered extract three times a day regularly. Apart from that, you will get the same benefit if you drink nonalcoholic beer. Just make sure that it contains hops.

Apart from boosting sleep quality hops may also help in lowering cholesterol, relieving irritability, helps digestive issues. Moreover hops also have antibacterial properties.

Now, it is not like hops are always the best and can be taken by anyone. You should avoid taking hops if you are suffering from any hormone-sensitive condition.

It also worsens specific types of depression. If you are unaware of any of your health conditions that may interact with hops then you have two options; either consult your physician or stop taking hops if you are experiencing any kind of unusual symptoms.


Passionflower contains some specific types of chemicals that researchers found they have calming effect.  It brings the feeling of sleepiness and relaxation. Apart from this, passionflower sometimes blends with other herb plants to get the maximum effect.

According to a study conducted in 2016 passionflower effectively alleviated sleep disorders. Participants took passionflower for straight four weeks and they experienced reduced anxiety levels.

You can take passionflower herb to make tea. You need to drink it just before you go to bed. If you are preferring its liquid dose then you can take 10 to 30 passionflower extract drops before bedtime.

Alternatively, you can also take it as capsule form. It is available as a 90 mg dose. Make a note that you should not take any form of passionflower for more than two months as it may not healthy for you.

Apart from boosting sleep quality passionflower may also help to relieve anxiety, pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, and symptoms of menopause.

Though passionflower can be best natural sleep deprivation treatment you need to know that passionflower might not a good option for everyone.

You may need to stop taking any form of passionflower if you are feeling dizziness, irregular muscle action, confusion, altered consciousness, loss of coordination, and inflamed blood vessels.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding then you need to avoid taking passionflower. Apart from that, you also need to know passionflower is known to interact with many medications.

It is known to make blood thinners and sedatives too strong. You should also avoid taking passionflower if you are using any kind of antidepressants.

Discontinue the usage of passionflower if you are experiencing any kind of discomfort in your body. If your symptoms continuously become worse or remain then without any delay consult your doctor.


Lavender is quite a famous flower. It is a fragrant plant that is primarily used for perfume, oil, and even medicine. Lavender is known to boost well-being and health. Lavender has a calming effect that can help in inducing sleep.

According to a study conducted in 2015 lavender shows to boosts the quality of sleep when it is given to postpartum women. Before sleep participants are instructed to inhale lavender fragrance for a period of 2 months.

There are multiple ways you can use lavender. Let us suggest to you some common ways. You can put few drops of lavender essential oil into a diffuser. Keep it near your bed for maximum effect. The second way is rubbing the diluted lavender essential oil around your nose and onto your forehead.

You can also directly put few drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow. Another way is using dry lavender to make scented bags or tea.

Apart from boosting sleep quality lavender may help you in relieving pain, disinfect scalp and skin, improve blood circulation, relieve headaches, ease abdominal discomfort and alleviate respiratory problems.

It is always good to diluting the lavender essential oil with a carrier oil. If you don’t have any carrier oil like olive oil then you can use water directly.

To ensure lavender doesn’t affect you in a bad you can consider doing a patch test yourself. All you need to do is apply the diluted essential to any part of your skin.

You need to do the patch test to see if there is any kind of irritation. If you don’t experience any kind of irritation within 24 hours then feel free to use it.

Just in case you are experiencing any kind of unusual symptoms then immediately stop using any form of lavender. Make a note that you should avoid using essential oils internally.

So these are three natural sleep aid that we recommend you to try. Meanwhile, you can also switch to prescription medicine just in case you are not getting any benefit. If you are looking for more similar tips then feel free to explore our blog. Have a nice day.

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