Why You Should Avoid Taking Other Prescription Medicine?

Taking other prescription medicine is very dangerous and you need to take this thing very seriously. No matter whether are getting a chance to buy medication without prescription you always need to take your doctor to advise first. Here we are giving some points that will help you to know why you should avoid taking other prescription medicine. So are you ready?

You might not really aware of the fact, the actual use of the particular medicine. Moreover, you are unaware of its typical or atypical effects.

You might be taking medicine that has a similar name, color, or form. To avoid any confusion you can have all prescription medicine on separate boxes.

You might unaware of the medicine potential long and short term side effects. If you are feeling suspicious then a little search will help you a lot.

The drug may become more dangerous for you especially if you are suffering from some specific medical condition where some medicines may interact with your medicine or diet.

You might be unaware of whether the drug should be taken with or without food. Moreover, you also don’t know whether the particular drug is okay while having alcohol or other CNS depressant drugs.

You are already on any prescription medication. In such, two prescribe medications may result in hazardous interaction.

Taking the drug without a precise diagnosis could cloak symptoms of your underlying disease, which could be getting more serious. The worse thing is you may not experience any serious side effects at the moment.

You might not aware of the dosage. Some medication is specifically given after knowing the body size or weight.

Some drugs should be taken from a lower to a higher dosage. Taking a high dosage comes with consequences like an overdose, addiction or death.

You don’t know whether the particular drug or its component is allergic to you or not.

You might be suffering from any liver or kidney problem. Some drugs require a healthy liver and kidney to process the medication properly.

Your drug might require taking with other medication just to ensure you don’t face any type of side effects.

You are pregnant or nursing. In such a situation there are many drugs that you should avoid taking. Taking random medicine will not just harm you but your baby too.

Even you have a prescription the particular drug may past its expiration date.

We hope you find the above information informative. In case, you just had any prescribe medication accidentally then immediately see your doctor as soon as possible.

Now if you are here just for informative purposes then feel free to share this information with your friends so that they can also make most of this information. Meanwhile, if you are looking to buy prescription medication then you can consider My Free Prescription to get your drugs at a reasonable price.

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